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Zyndrome Surf Company is a start-up corporation. We are destined to be one of the leading designer, marketer and
distributor of premium quality young men’s and young women’s clothing, accessories and related products under the
Zyndrome brand name. Our products integrate distinctive combinations of style, cultural integrations, functionality and
athletic performance; they include t-shirts, bottoms, tops, jackets, boardshorts, bathing suits, sunglasses and
outerwear. Zyndrome was founded in 2006 and incorporated in the State of Florida in 2008 by attorney and surfer Mr.
Omar Carmona. Since that time, Mr. Carmona has dedicated his time and effort to make Zyndrome brand name a reality.

Today, we continue to expand our awareness in the world of extreme sports. Our objective is to establish a presence in
all major beaches in the state of Florida and eventually all over the United States. Furthermore, we are currently working
to establish our brand all over Latin America, with special presence in Puerto Rico, Perú, Colombia, Chile and

Zyndrome Surf Company is also the owner of two surf related websites. In 2001, the founder of Zyndrome created
latinbodyboarder.com. A website dedicated to promote the sport of bodyboarding among the Latinos borders and its
growing population in the United States. Visit it

Later in 2007, understanding that there was not a website dedicated to the sport of bodyboarding in the area of Central
Florida; Mr. Omar Carmona founded centrafloridabodyboarder.com, a.k.a cfbodyboarder.com. The website has only one
purpose: promote the sport and keep inform local bodyboarders. Visit it


Like everyone, ZYNDROME also has a history. Everything started with a chosen lifestyle, waves and a board. In 1994,
Omar Carmona-Sanchez, at the age of 14, started bodyboarding and surfing the beaches of Central Florida. Years
passed and in 2001, Omar created a site called latinbodyboarder.com to post pictures of his friends and him
bodyboarding. He had an idea to create a surf style; a brand to recollect the values of risk takers. During his college
years this dream grew in his head. Read more

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Zyndrome Copyrights. All rights reserved.
Zyndrome Copyrights. All rights reserved.
Zyndrome Copyrights. All rights reserved.
Zyndrome Copyrights. All rights reserved.
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Zyndrome Surf Company
10352 Manderley Way
Orlando, FL 32829
Main: (407) 494-5513
Fax: (407) 679-4511
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Omar Carmona
1004 Seminole Creek Dr.
Oviedo, Florida 32765
Phone: (407) 721-9923
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