A site by bodyboarders for bodyboarders.

On 2000, driven by the enthusiasm of bodyboarding, Omar Carmona created a website dedicated to exalt the sport. He wanted to have a place where he and his
friends could show their bodyboarding and partying pictures. Along with his brother, Javier Carmona and his long time friend Owin Valle, he continued to promote the

Like every other group, we have been through different stages. We had our first meeting sitting on our boards waiting for a wave. We first mission was to find ways to
let Central Florida know we existed. Every time we went bodyboarding, local events, partying and pretty much every where, we wore our group shirt. Then Omar
created the site and Javier began taking picture every time they went bodyboarding.  To help us afford some of our activities, shirts, stickers and most of our local
events, we conducted small fund raising. Nonetheless, must of our funds came from our scholarships and student loans.

During the spring breaks of 2001 and 2002, we promoted the site at the cities of Cocoa Beach and Fort Lauderdale. Those years were amazing. Our site got more
that 100 hits a day and girls went crazy when they were informed they were going to appear in our site. Our popularity attracted bodyboarder from all Central Florida
and visitor from Latin America and Puerto Rico.

The solely purpose of our site is to encourage culture and bodyboarding. We relied on sponsor to keep the site running. Our main sponsor is Zyndrome™ Surf
Company. LatinBodyboarder.com is managed and directed by Omar Carmona Sánchez.  Javier Carmona Sánchez and Owin Valle, coordinate together the
development of all others aspects of the group. David Castellón, "the brain and who recently joined our team, brings his UCF business background in the group.

We got many email's asking why our name disappeared from the web.  To answer all the concerns we must confess that we fail to renew the domain in 2003 and
some one took it and tried to sell to us. We refused and decided to use the free web address provided by geocities.com. Because of this, our popularity decline and
we lost many of our loyal visitors. Then on 2007, the domain was released and we were able to get it back. Web services had made impressive advances and that
allowed us to create the site you see today. You can still visit the old site by clicking on the link:
Our first logo was designed on 2001. It was something simple but it helped
us make a stand. We changed it in 2002. It was the first one used in our site. We
tried to change it throughout the years but do to the fact that we did not own the
domain for a couple years, we were not allowed. However, after getting back the
name in 2007, Omar drew our current logo.  We are currently in the application
process to own the trademark of our name.
“When we got together in 2000, and started to called
ourselves the Latin Bodyboarder, we never though of
having a site and growing the way we have. From a small
club, we have  become the site for all Latin Bodyboarder
and their supporters on the net.”

Omar Carmona
Join us!
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