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Team               Zyndrome is a full scale
site dedicated to the sport of
surfing in Florida. From surf
reports to Florida social life. will give you a
surf report to must surf spots  
in the whole planet. It has good
section on Florida Surf.

Go to for your local surf forecasts
España. There is more to
Spain than Flamenco. Check
out  the surf report here. A lo
Chile Surf
Chile. Looking for a surf
report in Chile? This is the site.
Anything is possible .
Perú. The Great Nation of the
Incas. Bodyboariding in Perú is
a religion. Check it out.
Puerto Rico. A full scale site
that gives you a surf report to
pretty much all  the surf spots
in the island.
Visit the following links for the latest Florida report
2nd Light
Satellite Beach
Sebastian Inlet
Cocoa Beach
Playa Linda
Smyrna Inlet
Daytona Beach
Spanish House
Typhoon Lagoon
The Radisson
Picnic Tables
Take a bodyboarding Trip.. Go ahead Dude!
Travel, Explore, Bodyboard and Live!  Bodyboarding is expanding. If are you planning to take a bodyboarding trip to Puerto Rico, Chile, Perú,
Spain or any other destination you better know before you go!
PUERTO RICO: Start by going to the official tourism site. The Island is bless with many great spots for bodyboarding. Beaches like Domes and Gas
Chambers are known for hosting bodyboarding and surfing competitions. Other locations as Hallows, Los Tubos, Jobos Beach, Surfer Beach, Inches
and Middle offer all types of waves. No USA Passport is need it and there is hundreds of flights daily to and from the Island.
PERÚ: Knowledge is a most. Start by going to the official tourism site. The entire  Lima City has a cost so there is no need to leave the capital. The
Pacific Ocean blessed Perú with great waves and the sport in this country is big with many competitions. Is relative cheap and the American Dollar
continues to hold it value. Well some of it.
ESPAÑA: Enjoy Europe while you bodyboard. Start by going to the official tourism site. The sport is well known in the North the Iberian Peninsula
and the Canaries Islands.  Be advised that the Euro has already killed the American Dollar. There are various places that hold
surf camps and
COSTA RICA: Everybody knows about the beauty and extravaganza of the country; however, you must visit the official tourism site to get all the
details. Many competitions are held here. Check out the  
Costa Rica Surf Guide.  
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