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Payment Options

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Other forms of payment

Online Discounts/Promotions

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Layaway plans

Promotion Codes and How To Use Them

Occasionally when you receive a special offer for purchases from us, you will also receive a promotional code to use. This code lets us
know that the special offer should be applied to your order. Please see the legal details for the promotional code you are using for any
specific limitations.

Using the code is easy

Just shop and check out as you normally would.  When you get to checkout, enter your promotional code in the space provided.  Once you
have entered the promotional code and clicked "Apply" you will see a message confirming that the promotional code has been applied to
your order.  If there is any problem with the promotional code you've entered, an error message will let you know how to correct the
problem before you can continue to check out.

When You are Charged
Generally, credit cards are not charged until we ship the item(s) to you. However, when you pay for your order using a credit card that is
associated with a checking account, we may pre-authorize your order amount with your credit or debit card issuer at the time you place
the order, which may have an effect on your account balance. Debit and Bank Check Cards may be charged immediately upon order.  For
your security, your billing name and address must match that of the credit card used for payment. We reserve the right to cancel any order
that does not match these criteria.

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