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Bodyboarder Team Search
. Zyndrome will be
at the next two FBA contest, held on Sept. 18 &
Sept. 19, '10 at  Canova Beach Park in Indian
Harbor Beach, FL and on Nov. 20, '10 at South
Vero Beach, Vero Beach, FL. For info visit the
David Holloway   
Team Up!

Zyndrome is creating its bodyboarding team. For
this purpose, we have dispatched scouts to find
the potential team riders. For this purpose, we have
joined forces with  
LatinBodyboarder.com to find
the best riders.  We will be present at all FBA
contest this season; so be there.
Skateboarder Team Search. From July 1 to
October 31th, Zyndrome will be at the
Riverside Stake Park in Oviedo, FL scouting for
prospect riders. For info click
David Cruz
Owin Valle
Coming soon
David Holloway is
Zyndrome's star. His  
accomplishment include:
-1st place Open, East Coast
Surfing Champ. '08
-1st place Pro, Wavemaster
Contest '08.
-4th Place Open, ESA
Southeast Regional
Champ. '08
Skateboarders.... Team