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Tracking your Order

Order Confirmation

You'll receive two e-mails after you place your order and provide us with a valid email address:

The first confirms that your order was received;; this email will arrive within about 24 hours. The second confirms that your order was
shipped from our warehouse.

Order Tracking

You will be giving a delivery confirmation tracking number with each order. With this number, you will be able to visit the website of the
carrier you selected at the time of check out and follow your order.

Occasionally, we may send an order in multiple packages. In such cases, we'll provide tracking information for all packages, as well as
details on which items you can expect in which package.

Change in Your Order Status

Occasionally, high demand causes us to run out of certain items. If we don't have an item that you have ordered in stock, we'll notify you
by email immediately.

Sometimes, an item is out of stock and not expected to come back in stock, so we must cancel the item. In this case, if you paid with a
credit card, we will not charge you for the item or any taxes, shipping or handling charges.

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